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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the Size of the Propane Firepit

So the first thing you need if you are planning on building a Coleman fire pit, at least with this method, are some rocks. Depending on the size of the fire pit you want, you neurally will need roughly 20 large rocks or so. I would say that you would want them to be roughly 2-3 foot in diameter, so you don't have to have tons of them to fit the outer edge of the pit. The reason you would want rocks, is so that the fire will be better maintained, and won't burn the grass, or wherever you decide to put the fire pit. Which brings me to the next part. So you have your rocks, and now you have to figure out where you want to put the fire pit.

Make sure you put it somewhere not too close to the house, and not too close to somewhere where there are a ton of dry plants. Also, make sure to have a water source that is close by as well, because if something does end up going wrong, that you will need to be able to handle it easily. Part of the enjoyment of your own fire pit is having the knowledge that your outdoor propane fire pit is safe for everyone.

Whether you are entertaining friends or just relaxing with family, this guide to added safety with propane fire pits will help give you peace of mind. First, propane fire pits do not release any smoke. Smoke from other types of fire pits will case red, burning eyes and coughing. Also, if you are grilling or cooking with your fire pit, propane fire pits will keep the food free from all hazards and containments inside smoke. The air around your fire pit will be clean and fresh for everyone.

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