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Monday, February 14, 2011

Important Social Institutions

If you exist in a given society, then you are part of sociology.You can also study a topic in a sociology, is a sociologist behavioral study regularly for information about the people and their experiences in society.Still curious, post a comment or a question I responded promptly.There are many, many reasons to study sociology.

They include all macroscopic from - learning about and understanding of important social institutions and change, so you make predictions about whole societies - to the macroscopic - understanding the inner workings of society and how people in so fit that you help by counseling or social work. Sociology is the study of man and human society.It is a way for us to create a scientific view of ourselves, our societies, our cultures, our institutions, all we are and have created as humans to take.It is a way to compare and different cultures, countries and societies, so that we better understand ourselves as we are today and how we can be in the future.The goal of sociology is the why, to find, for example, why women are more rooted in the world today than in history.

The intra-cultural psychology study and research into the causes related to social problems, such as why so many people live in poverty, why so many poor people are in prison.The answer, many people are in prison with low socio-economic status, ie they live in poverty. People living in poverty often have no where to turn to the things they need for their family so that they commit more crimes to get from him.It's all are somehow connected.Sociology is the social science to understand the problems of society and tries to find solutions.Everyone is part of sociology, if you notice any of it.

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