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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cows Digestion Facts

A fear is trouble-free tool for all sorts of prohodimtsev.zhulikov, careerists and unscrupulous and dishonest businessmen. A cow, if you know about it during digestion, are, in fact, predators, as after breeding a large number of microorganisms, in fact full of protein, it kills the gastric juice, and then digesting these microorganisms grows and meat and milk.

So nasekomye.ulitki and other small animals (if it's not a mouse, rabbit and fox) is a drop in the bucket compared to the volumes of these have evolved, especially in the lush grass just eaten microorganisms. A in the hay there is no water with a regular structure, nor the full fiber-core food for the microflora ... why cows and wither in the manger.

And as for discoveries in the field of clinical nutrition, either I did not dig them up, or they are made in the aspect of the theory of a balanced diet, which I, and not only do I think outdated and not correct in contrast to the theory of adequate nutrition, developed by Academician AM Ugolev that modern medicine and nutrition has for almost 50 years, ignoring the fact, because it knocks the chair out from under fat buttom advocates of the theory of a balanced diet that will taldychit of essential acids., about 40 minerals, the large number of vitamins, etc ., threatening dire consequences for the ordinary person's health at shortage of etogo.

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