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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resistance exercises for Osteoporosis Treatment

Weight bearing exercise Weight bearing exercise refers to any exercises performed on the feet for reduce osteoporosis in menopause.Examples include walking, running, tennis and dancing.Studies on the effects of exercises such as walking have not shown a dramatic improvement in bone mass unless this activity rated as a high intensity activity (walking at a fast pace, jogging, etc. carried out).

Resistance exercises are also known as strength training exercises.Strength training uses weights produce any type (machines, dumbbells, ankle or wrist weights) resistance.This helps to build muscle mass and places a load (force) of bone on the affected limb.It also includes exercises using your own body weight as a load, such as push-ups is where the burden of the arms and shoulders down.It is good to note that only these exercises under the supervision of an accredited coach, sports doctor or physiotherapist to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Exercise can not stop bone loss, but the activity, especially running slow, the pace of osteoporosis.In addition, exercise keeps muscles toned and strong, so is less harmful.Just 30 minutes of brisk walking several days a week is all you need to increase the effectiveness and overall fitness.

Two types of physical activities that most are beneficial to bone loading and strength training exercises.In addition to reducing bone loss, physical activity will improve muscle strength, balance and fitness and also reduce the incidence of falls and fractures.If you begin an exercise program, you had better consult with your doctor, physiotherapist or health care professional.

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