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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sports Nutrition Are Drugs and Food Concentrate

Sports Nutrition - are drugs and food concentrates designed for people who are actively involved in sports, and designed to improve athletic performance: increase strength and endurance, increase muscle mass, etc. Sports nutrition internships are made on the basis of scientific research in various fields, for example, such as physiology and nutrition.
Very often, young athletes are scared or confused the term sports nutrition with pharmacological agents, used by professional athletes. In fact, sports nutrition has nothing to do with doping, and absolutely nothing to fear. Sports supplements, in fact, are "concentrated food", which consists of the same components as the standard, home cooking.  

The meaning of "concentration," is that ordinary food can assimilated by the body about 4:00, and sports supplements - much faster and more completely, with minimal digestion, energy value of sports nutrition is so high that, for example, the same number of calories you can get eaten a large plate of pasta with a huge piece of meat or by drinking just one glass of protein-carbohydrate cocktails or geynera.

No should be understood that sports nutrition is not just as often referred to as additives, as it is added to the basic diet consisting of normal food, and eat all meals are not only sports would be the right decision.

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