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Monday, May 08, 2006

Fantastic foods.

FANTASTIC FOODS is one of the nation's leading natural foods companies, offering Thai vegetarian fooddelicious and innovative vegetarian food choices to consumers across the country for over 25 years. Widely recognized for vegetarian, all-natural and convenient meal solutions, Fantastic Foods produces more than 90 products.

Fantastic Foods was founded in 1975 by Jim and Joan Rosen, starting as a small, vegetarian restaurant in Mill Valley, CA. Jim Rosen, with a degree in philosophy and Montessori teaching experience, wanted to achieve two goals: provide healthy, vegetarian food while creating a socially conscious business. He aimed for quality and flavor, and soon the Rosens began selling their healthy and nourishing vegetarian specialties to stores and distributors with increasing success. Rosen later sold the restaurant and devoted himself to manufacturing the prepackaged soups and mixes that make up today's Fantastic Foods' family of products.

Fantastic Foods maintains our leadership position by anticipating and satisfying the demands of today's changing and increasingly sophisticated consumer palate. A bright future beckons in the expanding natural foods marketplace, and Fantastic Foods plans to meet the challenge by continuing to update, develop, and produce convenient, unique, and delicious products.

Purchased by HomeGrown Natural Foods in 2000, Fantastic Foods products are found in natural food stores and supermarkets across the nation.

All Fantastic Foods Products are vegetarian, all natural, and contain no artificial flavors or Vegetarian foodpreservatives.Fantastic Foods all natural soups, side dishes and dips stand alone as healthy, satisfying vegetarian dishes or they can be just the right ingredient to give a flavorful twist to a home cooked meal. You can find some  vegetarian recipes on Bon Appetit!



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