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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just try to make some small steps to reach the goal...

Just try to make some small steps to reach the goal…………..

To be a vegetarian is difficult and simple at the same time. It’s difficult to start and quite easy when it becomes the style of your life.
If you ask me, I didn’t plan to become a vegetarian. It was my husband, who was the first. But for me the main reason to start this experiment was to make my ration healthier.
So I made up my mind simply to try to avoid eating meat and everything that consists of it for a week term. And now I am sure that it was the best way to start.
Every reader of this blog at list one time per month is pretty sure that he or she will start new life from next Monday. Recognize yourself? Then you’ll understand what I mean.
Several times before this experiment I tried to persuade my organism. It didn’t agree at all. Every time it had new silly and lazy reasons to continue to eat meat.
However this experiment was completely different. I ask my mind and body to make some sort of agreement:
1. I persuaded myself that it would be only an experiment. And when it would finish I would decide what to do then.
2. Besides I suggested exact term – a week.
3. Also I promised myself a bonus – at the end of the week I permitted myself to eat something delicious which would consist of meat.
Eventually my organism agreed.
And I managed a week, then another week, then another…..
So my secret is very simple – make an agreement with yourself and choose an exact term. It’s much easier to start from several small steps to reach your goal.


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